Girls' Show is a feature length documentary that explores a seventy year old tradition that is exclusive to the girls' of Passaic Valley High School. This in-school rivalry began with the message of equality in the field of athletics, but has since evolved into the most important and exciting night in Little Falls New Jersey. 

This project provided some great challenges outside of the scope of a regular underscore. Many sequences in the film necessitated replacing copyrighted material captured by the original camera audio with original music that evoked the sound of the original. In addition to writing the replacement music, I also synchronized and mixed each piece to sound as if it was in the environments they were filmed in, creating a seamless mix. As this is a documentary of a high school dance show and competition, it was extra crucial to align the beats in sync with what was being filmed. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to create a full underscore, as well as saving the production team thousands of dollars from procuring the rights to music captured by the original camerawork.

Sound Mixing Example

A big challenge for the production team of the documentary "Girls Show" was that their original audio recordings of many key scenes contained copyrighted material. Not only that, but the music in those scenes were the soundtrack that the dancers were synchronized to. In some cases the director wanted a soundtrack quality score, and in other segments wanted a more vérité style where it sounds as if what you are hearing was what was originally captured. In this video is an example of remixing the scene using licensed music to sound as if it was originally the music used, saving the team loads on clearing the copyrighted material.

Girls' Show Documentary


Client: Arbuckle Industries

Composer: Glenn Forsythe

Sound Mixing & Mastering: Glenn Forsythe

Director: David Krantz

Project Type: Feature Length Film, Score, Sound Mix, Mastering


Photo Credit to  Arbuckle Industries

Photo Credit to Arbuckle Industries