Glenn Forsythe is a composer, sound designer, engineer and producer who works in a wide range of post production, interactive and multimedia projects. His sound work encompasses a wide spectrum of acoustic and electronic music, soundscapes and effects fitted for video, film, and multimedia applications.

Having started as a sound designer and editor for audio podcasts, the rapid rise of the smartphone market gave way for a need of more video content. This necessitated skills in all forms of post production, including video editing. This became a central skill while spending years producing audio and video content for smartphone and tablet applications for interactive tours of cities, museums and parks with the award winning production company Audissey Media. Down the road, switching production hats has found Glenn working for ABC as an assistant video editor.

Having studied audio engineering and electronic production and design at Berklee College of Music, Glenn has produced and engineered bands and artists while always composing and creating sound in a multitude of styles. Over the course of his study at Berklee, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and departmental recognitions, including the electronic production and design department's Robert Moog award. Much of his work was also featured in Berklee's music technology departmental collection, including original composition, production and engineering work. 

Awards & Recognitions

2009 MUSE Award - Audissey Media: American Alliance of Museums Media and Technology
Audissey Media won the 2009 MUSE Award for Audio & Visual Tours for the Houston Museum District audio tour. I was the composer, sound designer, and engineer for the production.

2007 Robert Moog Award: Berklee College of Music
Electronic Production & Design (formerly Music Synthesis) Departmental award

Music Technology Division CD 2006 Berklee College of Music: Berklee College of Music
Yearly collection of outstanding student projects from Berklee College of Music. 
My work featured on this cd was an original composition for the Music Synthesis department.

Music Technology Division CD 2007 Berklee College of Music: Berklee College of Music
Credits on this cd include my role as a producer, as well as mixing engineer for another project.


Music Scoring

  • Commercial and enterprise
  • Film and TV
  • Branded content
  • Gaming
  • Sound-alike production
  • Orchestral emulation

Sound Design

  • Sonic branding
  • VR360 spatial audio 
  • Animation SFX
  • Foley recording and editing
  • Reaktor + MaxMSP patch design
  • Modular sound design 

Audio Mixing & Mastering 

  • Film and TV Post (ITU-R BS.1770 Compliant)
  • Commercial
  • Podcasts
  • VR360 spatial audio production

Audio + Video Editing

  • Pro Tools HD/Logic Pro 
  • Adobe/Final Cut/Davinci Resolve
  • Video ingest, logging and asset mangement

Audio Correction & Restoration 

  • Noise reduction and spectral repair 
  • Unwanted audio removal (clipping, pops, wind, reverb)
  • Vocal tuning
  • Rhythmic timing correction




    • 2 x 2.8GHz 8 core Mac Pro 14G RAM
    • 2016 Macbook Pro
    • Saffire Pro 40
    • Mackie HR824 Monitors
    • Modded Rhode NTK with Telefunken Tubes / 2 x SM57's / AKG perception 170 / MXL R-40 Ribbon mic
    • Classic API VP26 handmade preamp / Golden Age Project Pre 73 MKII preamp
    • DBX 160XT Compressor
    • DIYRE Colour Palette 


    • Nord Electro 3
    • Arturia Minibrute
    • Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano
    • Novation ZeroSLMKII
    • Zendrum MIDI Drum controller


    • Avid Pro Tools 2018.1.0 HD
    • Logic Pro X
    • Ableton Live 9/MaxMSP
    • Waves plugins
    • Izotope RX6 Advanced
    • Izotope Ozone
    • BML Orchestral Libraries
    • Native Instruments
    • Davinci Resolve
    • After Effects