Teufelsberg FIeld Recordings

Free digital download

All files originally recorded as WAV 24bit/96K with the Zoom H6 field recorder. This free digital download has been compressed to 16bit/44.1K.  

From atop the highest point of the man-made elevation known as Teufelsberg in Berlin, lies one of the most peculiar series of structures. Built on a location drenched in Berlin's juxtaposed history, these dystopian sci-fi buildings once served as an NSA listening tower during the cold war. After years of post-abandoned decay, Teufelsberg have attracted incredible street artists over the years, and is now a growingly popular off-map tourist attraction. Other than the curious draw to such a unique space, the towers at Teufelsberg are also home to some of the most unique and bizarre sounding acoustics you'll ever hear. These recordings are from the main listening tower at Teufelsberg intending to capture the ambience and sounds people make when surrounded by a truly unique acoustic environment. From screams and scrapes to whistles and songs, these recordings are suited for industrial ambience, creepy and atmospherics sounds with a distinctly unusual decay.  No reverb, delay or post-processing of any kind has been done. 

These recordings are free to use in your projects, though I would ask for proper crediting if you do! Also these are not to be repackaged, resampled or resold in any commercial sound library. Really though, who does that?